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New ... drive.web Ethernet distributed control products ...

Unbeatable! Cost effective in systems of any size or complexity

smarty dw210





smart touchscreen

operator station


NEW speedy dw220




dw210 series 2

Full featured, unlimited programmable control


One homogeneous solution

dw220 speedy

Full featured on-board control for drives

  • Use on-board or embedded in drives & devices for unbeatable, smart control systems integration
  • Expandable: basic to systems drive
  • Easy: simple basic set up + intuitive graphical tools
  • Enduring: rugged basic package & NEMA12 optional
  • Ethernet: 10/100baseTX option with programmable control
  • Elegant: much smarter than your average drive!

see smarty perform on YouTube

  • More processing power and memory
  • Compact DIN mounting packaging 4.1" high, 4.8" deep, 0.9" wide
  • Easy interface to most drives
  • Stand alone or networked over Ethernet
  • 10/100baseTX Ethernet
  • Full duplex with auto-negotiation and auto-crossover
  • 16 flexible, configurable, precision analog and logic i/o
  • 1 or 2 encoder inputs with marker and retransmit
  • 1 or 2 RS485 ports
  • Firmware field upgradable
  • Powerful, multi-level, multi-display, graphical operator station option
  • Runs on any touch screen computer (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.) and also on iOS for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.
  • Provides "roaming" access to all your machines
  • get savvyPanel free from the iTunes App Store and immediately connect to our live demo

Provides high performance, peer-to-peer networking and programmable control for drives and systems



Online system builder

  • Internet access to drives & systems
  • Distributed control over Ethernet
  • Easy interface to most PLCs
  • On/offline drive & system design
  • Auto-update from
  • Training & diagnostics via the Internet

AC Drives

0.1 to 1000+ hp

  • New High Performance Vector drives - P2 Series (to 350HP)
  • New HVAC/Pump drives - V2 Series (to 350HP)
  • New NEMA 4X VFDs (to 10HP)
  • Sensorless vector
  • Sensorless Vector drives - ODP Series (up to 250HP)
  • VFDs for Single Phase SP & PSC motors (to 1.5HP)
drive.web savvy


Drive & systems builder

  • Configure, monitor & control drives
  • Design, implement & access drive systems
  • Create signal flow diagrams
  • Produce complete system documentation
  • Manage interfaces to PLCs, SCADA, MMIs, etc.
  • For drive systems of any size or complexity

i55 Optidrive P

NEMA 12 Enclosed AC Drive

  • Sensorless Vector up to 5HP
  • Industrial VFD up to 5HP
  • Single phase motors up to 1.5HP
  • Harsh environment protected
  • Optional operator controls
  • Optional drive.web & Modbus Ethernet
smarty  smarty


Smart automation processors

  • savvy programmable drive system controller
  • For winders, line coordination, positioning, etc.
  • Provides analog and logic system i/o
  • Use either as stand alone or networked
  • A more expandable, versatile concept than a PLC
  • Smarter, cheaper & easier to program than a PLC
DC Drives

DC Drives

0.1 to 2000+ hp

  • Single-phase DC
  • 3-phase digital DC
  • 3-phase analog DC
  • Modulus packaged DC
  • DC servo drives
  • DC systems drives
dw220 speedy


Faster networking for most drives

  • Ethernet with ModbusTCP/IP
  • Easy drive interface
  • Smart Process Control
  • savvy Graphical programming
  • drive.web distributed control
  • Small package


0.1 to 1000+ hp

  • Inverter duty AC motors
  • Vector duty AC motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • DC motors
  • Gear motors
  • Encoders, tachs & options

Drive Technology Leadership

The Bardac team embraces a wide range of drive and control system experience in industries including printing, converting, machine tools, textiles, plastics extrusion, paper, metals, wire, pumping, material handling, military, food and beverage.  Depth of industry experience combined with innovative design talents in diverse technologies has ensured that Bardac products are tough to beat!

  • You get the very best in product features, functionality, reliability and price.
  • You enjoy the very best application support in the industry.
  • You have an unequaled resource for drive technology information.

Bardac also offers winder & web tension controls, a full line of drive process control products and a wide selection of line reactors, transformers, DB resistors and fuses. With competitively-priced, high-performance products and a growing international sales and service team we aim to be your most valued drives technology resource!

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