AC Drive Options

Touch Screen Programmable Operator StationsP2V3E3
dw230+dw220-40107” savvyPanel touch, programmable NEMA 4 diaplay
dw230+dw2247” savvyPanel touch, programmable NEMA 4 diaplay
dw230+dw220-40087” savvyPanel touch, programmable NEMA 4 diaplay
Remote KeypadsP2V3E3
T2-OPORT-INRemote Keypad
T2-OPPAD-INRemote keypad with OLED display
speedy dw21X-04ModbusTCP/IP Interface Module
speedy dw21X-25EIP/PCCC Interface Module
T2-DEVNT-INDeviceNet Interface Module
T2-PFNET-INProfiNET Interface Module
T2-PROFB-INProfibus DP Interface Module
T2-BNTIP-INBacnet IP Interface Module
T2-BNTSP-INBacnet RJ45 connector
Programming InterfaceP2V3E3
speedy dw21XUSB Interface Module
T-STICK-INOptistick parameter copying stick with IR interface
T3-STICK-INOptistick parameter copying stick with Bluetooth
Encoder FeedbackP2V3E3
T2-ENCOD-INEncoder feedback module for P2
EMC FiltersP2V3E3
T2-E1010-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 1-phase, 10A, IP20
T2-E1010-66Optifilter, EMC input filter, 1-phase, 10A, IP66
T2-E1025-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 1-phase, 25A, IP20
T2-E1025-66Optifilter, EMC input filter, 1-phase, 25A, IP66
T2-E3006-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 6A, IP20
T2-E3006-66Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 6A, IP66
T2-E3016-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 16A, IP20
T2-E3016-66Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 16A, IP66
T2-E3025-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 25A, IP20
T2-E3025-66Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 25A, IP66
T2-E3050-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 50A, IP20
T2-E3080-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 80A, IP20
T2-E3180-20Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 180A, IP20
T2-E3300-00Optifilter, EMC input filter, 3-phase, 300A, IP00
Brake Resistors (Case Type)P2V3E3
OD-BR100-INDB Resistor, drive size 2, 100Ω, 200W
OD-BRES4-INDB Resistor, drive size 4, IP20, 33Ω, 500W
Brake Resistors (Enclosed, ventilated with over temp switch)
Intermittent duty 10%, 10 sec
CX5030691 - 3 HP 230VAC, 63Ω, 12”x5”x5”
CX5030705 HP 230VAC, 38Ω, 12”x5”x5”
CX5030727.5 - 10 HP 230VAC, 19Ω, 12”x7”x5”
CX50307315 HP 230VAC, 12.6Ω, 12”x10”x5”
CX50307420 HP 230VAC, 9.6Ω, 12”x13”x5”
CX50307525 HP 230VAC, 7.5Ω, 12”x16”x5”
CX50307630 HP 230VAC, 6.3Ω, 19”x10”x5”
CX50307740 HP 230VAC, 4.9Ω, 19”x10”x5”
CX50307850 HP 230VAC, 3.9Ω, 19”x10”x5”
CX50307960 HP 230VAC, 3.3Ω, 19”x13”x5”
CX5030821 - 3 HP 460VAC, 250Ω, 12”x5”x5”
CX5030835 HP 460VAC, 150Ω, 12”x7”x5”
CX5030857.5 - 10 HP 460VAC, 75Ω, 12”x7”x5”
CX50308615 HP 460VAC, 50Ω, 12”x10”x5”
CX50308720 HP 460VAC, 38Ω, 12”x13”x5”
CX50308825 HP 460VAC, 30Ω, 12”x16”x5”
CX50308930 HP 460VAC, 25Ω, 19”x10”x5”
CX50309040 HP 460VAC, 19Ω, 19”x13”x5”
CX50309150 HP 460VAC, 15Ω, 19”x13”x5”
CX50309260 HP 460VAC, 12.6Ω, 19”x13”x5”
CX50309375 HP 460VAC, 10Ω, 26.5”x10”x5”
CX503094100 HP 460VAC, 7.5Ω, 26.5”x16”x5”
CX503095125 - 150 HP 460VAC, 6Ω, 28”x10”x10”
Output FiltersP2V3E3
T2-M3008-20Output filter, 8A, IP20
T2-M3008-66Output filter, 8A, IP66
T2-M3012-20Output filter, 12A, IP20
T2-M3012-66Output filter, 12A, IP66
T2-M3018-66Output filter, 18A, IP66
T2-M3030-20Output filter, 30A, IP20
T2-M3075-20Output filter, 75A, IP20
T2-M3180-00Output filter, 180A, IP00
T2-M3300-00Output filter, 300A, IP00
Data Cables & SplittersP2V3E3
T-J4505-INRS485 data cable, 0.5M, (RJ45 - RJ45)
T-J4510-INRS485 data cable, 1M, (RJ45 - RJ45)
T-J4530-INRS485 data cable, 3M, (RJ45 - RJ45)
T-J45SP-INRS485 data cable 3-way splitter (RJ45)
T2-BNTSP-INRJ45 BacNet connector
i/o BoardsP2V3E3
T-LOGIP-11110VAC logic input isolator
T-LOGIP-23230VAC logic input isolator
P-2ROUT-INDual relay output board
T-HVACO-INHVAC drive run, drive tripped relay output board
T2-CASCD-INCascade control plug in option board
T2-EXTIO-INExtended i/o option board