Customer Information Services

It is our policy to give customers all the help they need to apply and service their equipment.

Detailed information about the design and specification of all the drives and control modules is available from a comprehensive set of manuals, product guides and application notes. We do not encourage component level field repairs as, in our experience, the absence of specialized tools and test equipment makes this impractical and not cost effective. We do, however, think that a deep working knowledge of the equipment helps ensure successful application and use of the products and therefore we encourage system designers and users to acquire a complete set of the following documentation:

  • Product Installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Application Reference Manuals
  • Product test specifications
  • Test set design recommendations
  • User training programs and manuals

Telephone Support

Never hesitate to call us if you need help or are in any doubt about the functioning of your drives. We will always be pleased to discuss your drive problem and we may be able to save you a lot of time and unnecessary expense!

We do not charge for this service!

Start-up, Training, Service and Customer Support

The Bardac International Service Network is a group of organizations dedicated to providing the highest standard of support to our drives and systems users worldwide. The Network is constantly growing and includes facilities throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Need help, have questions?
Call +1-410-604-3400

Field Service, Service Center Repair, Training and Start-up Rates
for the Continental United States, Canada and Mexico

Charge BasisRates (US$)
Basic RateField Service, Training & Start-up Assistance
Up to 8 hours daily Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm
$190 per hour
Standard OvertimeWeekdays 6pm to 7am and all day Saturday
Total work time not to exceed 12 hours in any 24 hours
$285 per hour
Special OvertimeSundays, Holidays and excess of 8 hours on Saturday$380 per hour
OvernightIncludes meals, and hotel accommodation$280 per night
Auto TravelCovering cost of use of company or personal cars. Distance calculated to and from the local office$0.67 per mile
Public TransportRental cars, Air fares, etc.At Cost
Holdover & Standby TimeSame as service
Travel TimeTime taken from Bardac to job site and returnSame as service
Basic RateService Center Repair charges
Diagnosis & repair time
$130 per hour + parts
Design or application engineering services$220 per hour
  • Minimum service billing is 4 hours for field services, 1 hour for service center services.
  • Parts, materials, special visas, duties, and extraordinary expenses will be charged extra.
  • Warranty credits will be identified on the Daily Field Service Report.
For rates and availability of sales and service outside the US, please call +410-604-3400

24/7 Tech Support:
During normal business hours, basic tech support will be provided free of charge.
Outside normal business hours, call +410-604-3535. Tech support will be provided at $380/hour (minimum of 1/2 hour per call) and this must be paid for with a credit card at the time of service.