smarty7 Wins Control Engineering’s 2023 Product of the Year Bronze Award

Bardac Drives, a leading provider of high-performance industrial programmable controllers, is pleased to announce that its latest product, the smarty7 Series controllers, has been awarded the prestigious Control Engineering Product of the Year, Bronze Award for 2023. This recognition showcases Bardac Drives’ commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to the industrial automation market.

The Award-Winning Smarty7 Series Controllers

The smarty7 Series controllers are full-featured, programmable controllers designed and assembled in the USA. They are the culmination of 20 years of innovative control technology development and incorporate drive.web smart distributed control for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Peer-to-peer connections over Ethernet, provide cost-effective solutions for systems of any size or complexity. With unlimited I/O expansion and internet accessibility, the smarty7 controllers offer unparalleled flexibility and compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with other drive.web devices.

One of the standout features of the smarty7 Series controllers is their ability to deterministically perform complex motion control functions and logic in milliseconds. With encoder pulses of up to 1 MHz and 64-bit count, these controllers enable real-time sharing of encoder pulses between units over Ethernet. This capability enables users to tackle a wide range of applications, from basic switching to complex logic, simple arithmetic to advanced math, winders with smart tension control, precision registration and indexing over Ethernet, and much more.

The smarty7 Series controllers, use drive.web savvy, tools to build configurations and design complete systems incorporating drives, HMIs and a wide range of I/O. savvy also provides operation, monitoring and diagnostic tools with trending features, smart phone interfaces, and drag-and-drop connections. savvy programming tools are completely intuitive with:

  • Graphical function blocks including:
    • PIDs, state machines, registration, indexing, winders, network watchdogs, and much more
  • Completely homogeneous environment for controllers, drives and HMI touch screens
  • System wide programming and monitoring access via either Ethernet or USB
  • Powerful rules checking
  • Data logging with trend charting and easy file editing and exporting
  • Easy interface to other networks and devices

Unlike a conventional PLC topology, drive.web distributed control provides a parallel processing environment with peer-to-peer connectivity in which users can add an unlimited number of devices without loss of processing capacity or system bandwidth.

The smarty7 Series controllers are very versatile and are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including material handling, batch processing, printing, coating, laminating, advanced motion and position control, temperature control, smart pumping, air flow functions, and even sun tracking for solar energy optimization.

“We are proud to receive the Control Engineering Product of the Year Bronze Award for our smarty7 Series controllers,” said Chris Bardwell-Jones, Founder of Bardac Drives. “This recognition highlights the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering innovative and high-performance solutions to our customers, second to none!”

With this recognition, Bardac Drives solidifies its position as a leader in the industrial automation field, continuously driving innovation and delivering exceptional products to its customers.

For more information about Bardac Drives and the award-winning smarty7 Series controllers, please visit the product page, or consider getting one for yourself today at

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